Is the Salvation Army a Good Charity?

If you’re wondering whether the Salvation Army is a good charity to donate to, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the amazing work that this organization does and why they’re worth your support.

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The Salvation Army is a Christian organization that has been in existence for over 150 years. It is best known for its work with the poor and homeless, but it also provides disaster relief, aid to the sick and imprisoned, and other services. While it is a faith-based organization, the Salvation Army welcomes people of all faiths and works to serve everyone in need.

The Salvation Army has a solid reputation as a charitable organization, and it earns high marks from independent evaluators. It meets all of the standards set by the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance, and it has been designated a “four-star” charity by Charity Navigator, an organization that evaluates charities on their financial health, accountability, and transparency.

The Salvation Army also receives high marks for its use of donations. According to its most recent financial report, 88% of its total expenses went to program services in 2018. This is an excellent ratio, as most charities spend 75% or less on programs. The Salvation Army also has very little debt; its total liabilities are just 8% of its total assets. This is another sign of financial health.

So if you’re considering donating to the Salvation Army, you can be confident that your money will be used wisely and will go to a charity with a long history of helping those in need.

What the Salvation Army does

The Salvation Army is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible; its ministry is motivated by love for God and the needs of humanity. The Salvation Army exists to share the love of Jesus Christ, meet human needs and be a transforming influence in the communities of our world. From its earliest days, The Salvation Army has been well known for meeting human needs without discrimination.

The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 by William Booth, in London, England. In 1878, Booth organized his followers into what became known as The Salvation Army. The international movement spread to the United States in 1880 and today The Salvation Army operates in more than 130 countries around the globe.

The Salvation Army’s international structure includes a wide range of religious, educational, humanitarian and community development programs that are organized into seven Divisions: USA/Canada East, USA/Canada West, Caribbean Territory, United Kingdom with Republic of Ireland Territory (UKROI), Southern Africa Territory (SAT), Inter-America & Bermuda Territory (IATB) and Japan & Korea Territory (JKT).

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For Forbes’ 2015 list of America’s Top Charities, The American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP) gave The Salvation Army an “A” rating based on how much money it spends on fundraising and how much goes towards actual charitable programs and services. According to their report card system for 2015, 91% of donations made to The Salvation Army go towards program expenses while 4% is spent on overhead or fundraising costs. 5% is allocated for other expenses such as investments.

Why you should donate to the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is one of the largest and most well-known charities in the world. They provide assistance to millions of people every year, and they are especially well-known for their work with the homeless and with natural disaster relief efforts. They also operate a number of thrift stores, which help to support their work. But is the Salvation Army a good charity? Here are some reasons why you should consider donating to them.

One of the main reasons to donate to the Salvation Army is that they are very efficient with their use of funds. In 2015, they received an “A” rating from Charity Navigator, which is a leading charity watchdog organization. This means that they spend more of their budget on actual program expenses than on administrative costs. And, since they are such a large organization, they have a lot of buying power and can get discounts on supplies and services that smaller charities cannot.

Another reason to donate to the Salvation Army is that they have a wide reach. They operate in more than 130 countries around the world, and they provide assistance to people in need regardless of their race, religion, or ethnicity. They also operate a number of prisons and rehabilitation centers, which help people who are struggling with addiction or other problems turn their lives around.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the Salvation Army is one of the few charities that does not discriminate against LGBTQ people. They have openly welcomed LGBTQ people for many years, and they offer services and programs specifically for LGBTQ people in need. This inclusion is important, especially given that many other charities still do not welcome LGBTQ people.

So if you’re looking for a worthy charity to donate to, the Salvation Army is a great option. They are efficient with their use of funds, they have a wide reach, and they treat everyone with respect and dignity.

How the Salvation Army uses your donations

The Salvation Army is one of the largest and most well-known charities in the world. They operate in over 130 countries and help tens of millions of people every year.

So, how does the Salvation Army use your donations?

85% of all donations go towards their programs and services, which include things like disaster relief, food and clothing assistance, youth programs, senior services, rehabilitation and more.

The other 15% of donations go towards administrative costs and fundraising. This is actually a very low percentage compared to most charities, which often spend 30-40% or more on these costs.

The Salvation Army has an excellent reputation and is highly rated by independent charity watchdogs like Charity Navigator and BBB Wise Giving Alliance. They are also one of the few charities that receive an “A+” rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy.

So if you’re looking to donate to a worthy cause, the Salvation Army is definitely worth considering.

What other people think about the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is one of the world’s largest and best-known charities, and it has an impressive record of helping people in need. It is often praised for its efficient use of donations, and it has been given high marks by charity watchdog groups.

However, the Salvation Army has also been criticized for its policies on homosexuality and same-sex marriage, and some people have accused the organization of being homophobic. There have also been allegations of sexual misconduct by Salvation Army workers, although the organization says that these incidents are isolated cases.

Overall, the Salvation Army is a respected and well-known charity that does a lot of good work. However, it is not without its critics, and potential donors should research the organization before giving to make sure that their donation will be used in a way that they are comfortable with.


After doing some research, it appears that the Salvation Army is a good charity. They have been around for over 150 years and help millions of people every year. They are rated four out of four stars by Charity Navigator, and have an A+ rating from the BBB. They also have a four out of five star rating on GreatNonprofits. Overall, it seems that the Salvation Army is a reputable and trustworthy charity.

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