How Long is Army Basic Training in 2021?

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How long is Army Basic Training?

Army Basic Training (ABT) is approximately nine weeks long. However, the actual length of time may vary depending on the trainee’s age, gender, and physical condition.

9 weeks

Army basic training is nine weeks long. You will spend the first week at Reception Battalion, where you will be given your uniform and supplies, and undergo a medical exam. The next eight weeks will be spent at your assigned basic training unit.

3 days

Although the majority of Army basic training takes place over a period of 10 weeks, the first few days are actually quite different from the rest of the experience. You’ll be stationed at a reception center for processing and then sent to your designated basic training location. The earliest part of your training will focus on in-processing, administrative tasks and other preparations for life in the Army. Once that’s complete, you’ll begin your first real taste of basic training, which will last for three days.

What is the Army Basic Training schedule?

Army Basic Training is a comprehensive 10-week training program that is designed to prepare new recruits for the rigors of military life. The program includes physical fitness, weapons training, and basic combat skills. recruits will also learn Army values, traditions, and customs.


The Army Basic Training schedule is very demanding and starts at 0500 hours (5:00 am). Reveille, roll call, and physical training start the day. Afternoons consist of more physical training, classroom instructions, and drill and ceremonies. Evenings are spent with more barracks duties, fortifications, and personal time. Lights out are at 2200 hours (10 pm).

6:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

The Army Basic Training schedule is designed to break down recruits both physically and mentally. The first few weeks are the most intense, as recruits must adapt to a new environment and lifestyle. The schedule provides little free time, and recruits are often required to complete training tasks outside of regular hours.

During the first week of training, recruits will undergo medical and physical evaluations. They will also be issued uniforms and gear, and will receive an introduction to the Army way of life. The following weeks are spent completing basic training tasks such as weapons training, map reading, and hand-to-hand combat. In the final weeks of training, recruits will participate in a field exercise that simulates combat conditions. Upon completion of basic training, recruits will be awarded the rank of Private First Class.

What are the Army Basic Training graduation requirements?

Army Basic Training is nine weeks long, and is designed to teach new recruits the basics of being a soldier. The training is physically and mentally demanding, and covers a wide range of topics. To graduate from Army Basic Training, recruits must meet a number of requirements.

Must complete all 9 weeks of training

To graduate from Army basic training, you must complete all nine weeks of training. This includes completing all the physical, mental, and emotional tasks required by your drill sergeants. Once you have completed these tasks, you will be allowed to graduate and move on to your next assignment.

Must pass all physical, mental, and emotional tests

The Army has high standards for those who want to join its ranks. You must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident, and you must be between the ages of 17 and 34. You must also have a high school diploma or GED. If you meet these basic requirements, you will then need to pass a series of physical, mental, and emotional tests before you can begin basic training.

These tests include the Army Physical Fitness Test, which measures your aerobic capacity, muscular strength and endurance, and body fat composition; the Army Combat Fitness Test, which assesses your ability to perform basic combat tasks; and the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, which measures your aptitude for various military occupations. You will also need to pass a medical exam and background check.

Once you have passed all of these tests, you will be eligible to begin basic training. Army basic training is split into two phases: red phase and white phase. During red phase, which lasts for the first three weeks of training, recruits will learn basic military skills such as drill and ceremony, weapons handling, first aid, and artillery familiarization. They will also undergo intensivephysical conditioning to prepare them for the rigors of combat.

During white phase, recruits will learn more advanced military skills such as map reading, land navigation, helicopter operations, urban warfare tactics, and survival training. At the end of white phase, recruits will take part in a week-long field exercise called Warfighter Week. This exercise simulates a deployment environment and tests everything that recruits have learned up to that point. Those who successfully complete all phases of training will graduate from Army basic training and earn the title of soldier.

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