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Order 'The Thimbleriggers' by James Kelly - The Dublin Arms Trials of 1970
Petition for
 for Capt. James J. Kelly
We, the undersigned, do hereby formally request the An Taoiseach, members of the cabinet, and both houses of the Oireachtas, the Dáil and Senate, to immediately activate whatever political and/or legal measures necessary to clear the good name of deceased Irish Army captain, James J. Kelly.  We concur with, and strongly endorse comments by former An Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Bertie Ahern, stated merely hours after the Captain's demise: "he had acted on what he believed were proper orders", significantly adding, "personally I have no reason to doubt his integrity".

Furthermore, we feel this unresolved issue is a national shame, which deserves, now, to be treated as a matter of urgency, not only for the sake of his surviving widow and family members, but also primarily in the name of  natural justice, humane compassion and basic decency, which we view as essential ingredients to our sense of national pride.

Furthermore, towards a speedy and successful conclusion to this campaign to posthumously vindicate this soldier, writer, artist and human rights activist, we acknowledge a personal and collective duty, wherever possible, to formulate resolutions to place before diverse national, provincial or regional assemblies and community-based organisations, for their due consideration, with the aim of endorsement.

Finally, we hereby appeal also to similar bodies and elected representatives currently within the direct-rule jurisdiction, north of the border, as well as individuals and groupings abroad, within and beyond the Irish Diaspora, to express their justified concerns and solidarity by whatever means possible.
Respectfully submitted,
Sheila M. Kelly - 
Dublin, Ireland
Late widow of the late Capt. J.J. Kelly
Fionnbarra Ó Dochartaigh -Civil Rights Veterans
This campaign deserved to be highlighted as widely as possible.
Justin Kelly - 
Arlington, MA, USA
A son of the late Capt. J.J. Kelly
Eamon Kelly - 
Acton, MA, USA
James Robert Kelly - 
Somerville, MA, USA
Isabel Kelly - 
Somerville, MA,  
Carolyn Hebner - 
Arlington, MA , USA
Tom Sheridan - 
Dublin, Ireland
Sylvia Kelly - 
Bucks, England
Colin Richards - 
Bucks, England
Cait Kelly - 
Dublin, Eire
Joe Richards - 
Bucks, England
Kate Richards - 
Bucks, England
Alex Richards - 
Bucks, England
James Peter Kelly - 
Co. Cavan, Ireland
Kevin M. Kelly - 
Marion, Iowa, USA
Deborah McFadden - 
Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Kevin McGrath - 
Dublin, Ireland
Edward D. Karmann - 
Alanson, Michigan, USA
Arantza Gonzalez - 
Dublin, Ireland
Mary Elizabeth Karmann ....... Bette Lynch - 
Traverse City, Michigan, USA
He was & will always remain the pure symbol of integrity, humanity & justice
Mary B. Barrett Paul A. Barrett - 
Traverse City, Michigan, USA
We are proud & humbled by the many achievements & sacrifices of this extraordinary Man has made for his country & fellow human being. Let us all follow his example of integrity & humanity by demanding the truth be told
Edward Dinan -Seattle AOH
Arlington Washington, USA
Please honour our request & clear this man's name. Thank You
Dr David Meagher - 
Scarriff, Co. Clare, Ireland
It's time to correct this injustice and set the record straight.
Noreen O Boyle - 
Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland
Petition for
 for Capt. James J. Kelly
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Order 'The Thimbleriggers' by James Kelly - The Dublin Arms Trials of 1970
The Arms Conspiracy Trial
The Arms Conspiracy Trial: Ireland 1970

Military Aspects Of Ireland's Arms Crisis Of 1969

August 1969: Ireland's Only Appeal To The United Nations
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