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Order 'The Thimbleriggers' by James Kelly - The Dublin Arms Trials of 1970
Notes & Events
Saturday, May 29, 2004

Memorial Unveiling - Launch of Paper Petition - Catskills, Upstate New York
A memorial stone will be unveiled at the Michael J. Quill Irish Cultural & Sports Center in East Durham in Upstate New York. Ceremony starts at 1 pm

Mrs. Sheila M. Kelly will travel from Dublin as guest of honour at the Catskills event.

Friday, July 16, 2004

A Press Conference will be held on July 16th, the first anniversary of Capt. James J. Kelly's death at the Alexander Suite of the City Hotel, Queen's Quay (Strand Road), Derry City.

Admission by invitation only. Requests for invitation/s or details on diverse overnight accommodation charges -apply via rights.civil@googlemail.com or +44-028-71-286359

Guests of Honour include: Mrs. Sheila M. Kelly, her son James Peter, and former MLA John Kelly, one of the co-accused in the Dublin 1970 Arms

Paper Petition
The web site petition has been transferred into a hard copy-paper format, due to increasing requests from people who do not have access to a PC. The first of these have been sent to the United States, to be launched at the unveiling ceremony in East Durham, on Saturday, May 29th. Other copies are now available, only to those residing in North America, as its Irish launch is scheduled to take place at the CKJCampaign press conference, to be held in Derry City, on the afternoon of July 16th - the first anniversary of the death of Capt. James J. Kelly.

You are cordially invited to contact the Civil Rights Veterans via rights.civil@googlemail.com should you decide to promote the petition among your friends or associates, order "The Thimbleriggers", or require any further information on the CKJCampaign. Our thanks to you all.
Endorsement by Public Figures
We cordially invite all public representatives and others with a high media profile in their particular field of human endeavour, to make contact with us BEFORE signing the International Petition, or/and adding a message of support. This will avoid any possible embarrassment, need for later retraction, or misunderstandings by us, or media personnel, who regularly view the petition. It will also avoid time and expense being wasted in checking if a particular signature is genuine. If prior or subsequent confirmation is not received signatures may remain for only 24 hours, and then may be removed, if serious doubt on our part remains. We particularly request media personnel to note our policy, and check with us, before publication.

For contact details please refer to our web site promotion card, for e-mail, phone or written communications. We extend our thanks for viewing this web site and for your anticipated assistance and co-operation in this regard.
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Books on the Arms Crisis

Order 'The Thimbleriggers' by James Kelly - The Dublin Arms Trials of 1970
The Arms Conspiracy Trial
The Arms Conspiracy Trial: Ireland 1970

Military Aspects Of Ireland's Arms Crisis Of 1969

August 1969: Ireland's Only Appeal To The United Nations
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